Welcome to our comprehensive collection of CSS past papers! Aspiring to conquer the CSS examination and embark on a successful career in the civil services sector? Look no further! Our website offers an extensive repository of CSS past papers, carefully curated to provide you with the ultimate preparation tool. These past papers hold the key to unlocking invaluable insights into the exam’s format, question patterns, and essential subject areas.

Immersing yourself in these authentic exam experiences will boost your confidence, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and refine your exam strategies. Let our CSS past papers be your trusted companion on your journey to academic excellence and professional triumph!

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CSS (Central Superior Services) exams are renowned for their rigorous nature and serve as a gateway to prestigious government positions in Pakistan. To excel in these highly competitive exams, aspirants need a well-rounded preparation strategy, and CSS past papers play a pivotal role in this journey.

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Compulsory Subjects

Code Number Subject
1 English Essay
2 English (Precis and Composition)
3 General Science & Ability
4 Current Affairs
5 Pakistan Affairs
6 Islamic Studies


Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims)

Optional Subjects


Code Number Subject
11 Accountancy & Auditing
12 Economics
13 Computer Science
14 Political Science
15 International Relations


Code Number Subject
16 Physics
17 Chemistry
18 Applied Mathematics
19 Pure Mathematics
20 Statistics
21 Geology


Code Number Subject
22 Business Administration
23 Public Administration
24 Governance & Public Policies
25 Town Planning & Urban Management


Code Number Subject
26 History of Pakistan & India
27 Islamic History & Culture
28 British History
29 European History
30 History of USA


Code Number Subject
31 Gender Studies
32 Environmental Sciences
33 Agriculture & Forestry
34 Botany
35 Zoology
36 English Literature
37 Urdu Literature


Code Number Subject
38 Law
39 Constitutional Law
40 International Law
41 Muslim Law & Jurisprudence
42 Mercantile Law
43 Criminology
44 Philosophy


Code Number Subject
45 Journalism & Mass Communication
46 Psychology
47 Geography
48 Sociology
49 Anthropology
50 Punjabi
51 Sindhi
52 Pashto
53 Balochi
54 Persian
55 Arabic

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In conclusion, CSS past papers play a pivotal role in helping aspirants achieve their career goals. These invaluable resources serve as the ultimate preparatory tool, providing insights into the exam’s format, structure, and content. By accessing and thoroughly studying these past papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the exam’s trends and patterns, empowering them to face the CSS challenges with confidence.

Moreover, the past papers aid in enhancing time management skills and identifying weak areas for targeted improvement. As a result, aspirants can optimize their performance and boost their chances of success in the CSS examination, paving the way for a promising and rewarding professional journey.